About Me

This is my second go in the Information Technology field. I have 20 years experience in CAD design using various CAD software such as AutoCAD & SolidWorks. In 2001 a company I worked sent me to Southern Methodist University’s technology campus here in Houston (I wish that school was still open) to get trained up to take on the mantle of System Administrator. I took the MCSE Windows 2000 track, A+, and Network+. Soon after 9/11 the company pretty much shuttered it’s doors due to no new project work.

I accidentally started a small business providing other small businesses I.T. support when the owner of the company my mother managed invited me out to sort out their computers and network. This led to me getting some word of mouth clients, my DBA, and setting up shop. I sold, installed, & maintained a variety of equipment to several small businesses around the Houston Metro area and also had a contract with BroadBand Now as their local broadband technician. I ran my business for about three and a half years but not having marketing skills became a problem as my existing customer’s systems were up and running well and my word of mouth customers started running low. I then got lured back into Oil & Gas CAD design by a lucrative offer.

Fast forward to 2015 when the oil prices plummeted and I was laid off from a well paying CAD design contract. This led to some hard times for a couple of years and I decided I was done with CAD design if I were to stay in Houston. My niche of CAD design was saturated with out of work people so finding a company to even interview was very challenging. I stumbled upon a scholarship to pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Networking at my local community college. I have since passed my CCENT, my CCNA, and the LPI Linux Essentials certification exams. I am currently preparing for CCNA Data Center 200-150 and I’m enrolled in the second class that instructs on the 200-155 Data Center materials as well as the CCNA Security class. I will graduate this summer and hope to get my CCNA Data Center and Security certifications by this fall and start on my CCNP Routing & Switching by winter!